How To Sell Your Leads To Business Owners

In an ideal world you should be able to sell your leads to business owners without any problems what so ever, it’s what they need as a business and they always want more work right?


Well, that’s not always the case. There are actually quite a few factors and a lot of it comes down to trust. You hear business owners saying,


-I have too much work already.

-I’m happy with my marketing campaign which brings in leads

-I’ve tried buying leads before

-What’s to say these customers won’t call me anyway?

-It sounds too good to be true


And on and on.


To them, you're just some other telemarketer trying to sell them something, clogging up their phone line while a real customer could be trying to get through, It’s crazy. You have exactly what they want yet they can’t see it.

So how do you over come this?

There’s no doubt, you have to think outside the box on this. Look at all these objections above, they are all excuses why they won’t take a risk.


It makes me laugh because, if you wanted no risk why did you start a business in the first place? Business is full of risks. Anyway, that’s the way most people are so we need to work around It. It stands to reason that if, these people don’t like taking risks then we need to take the risk factor out of the equation.


What works well for us is doing exactly that, take the risk out and give them the leads for free.


WHAT…! FREE..!   



Yeah, for free until they can see the value in your service. You don’t need to give them so much work it doubles their turn over. You just need to get their attention so they will listen to you and take you seriously. After that it’s just a case of agreeing a price that works for you both.


This is one of the great things about local lead generation, there is so much opportunity not just with the huge amount of niches but also the ways you can sell the leads to make an income. We have developed multiple different ways to create an income from local leads generated from these sites, would you say you could benefit from learning these?


We actually have 7 different ways that you can create deals with these business owners. Each method suits different personalties and niches so we can tailor make them to your own personal needs.

If this resinated with you and you think that you can benefit from this strategy then see if you can find an available spot to talk to one of our local SEO team. If not, try again in a few days time they do get booked up pretty quick.

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