Digital Assets Vs 9-5

We have all heard the saying ”time for money” Well, you don't have to look far to see that 96% of people in the world are exchanging their time for money.


What do i mean ?


You work 9-5, and throughout the week you clock up 40 hours. You get paid $20 per hour or maybe $50 per hour, it doesn’t matter either way you come out with a wage that’s capped by time.


When you work like this you have a ceiling on what you can earn. Think about it.


Yes, you can get a pay rise and start earning $150 per hour which is great money however, you are still hitting a ceiling in your income.


Remember, the more you earn the more your standard of living goes up, oh and the more you get taxed (that's another story)


Also, with this pay rise comes more responsibility, more is expected of you and ultimately you end up being tied to working harder and maybe even work more hours than you first thought.


So what’s the answer? Everyone has to work to earn money to Iive right? Sure, but there are two different ways to pay your bills and create a life where you don’t have to worry about money.


1) Work hard and work your way up the ladder

2) Work smart and create money


So we have spoken about number 1 right, so lets talk about number 2


Working smart is about creating money NOT exchanging your money for time, there's a difference. When you create money, money ends up working for you not you working for it.


Here’s an example.

Lead generation sites take about 4 weeks to set up and start creating calls. this is called the investment stage. (You invest your time) then after the initial investment you can step back and your investment continues to create money for you for years to come.


let’s say working 9-5, you earn $35K per year working 40 hours per week.


The overheads are non existent to run a website so you can easily profit $750 - $1000 plus off each website


So if you spend the next 3 months building 1 site per month you have just successfully replaced your income for the year and this is just the start.


(On Top Of That) you have the benefit of not having to exchange your precious time for money. PLUS you have just created an asset which can be sold if you so wish. These sites will also work for you producing money for years to come while you concentrate on




Your health

Growing your business


What ever you wish.


Hold on, i hear you say, what happens if the sites drop in rankings and i lose my income.

They don’t, why? Well because the keywords we go after are very low competition and the methods we use are way over our competitors heads.

Listen i’m not here to justify this to you as i know it works. It consistently brings in money day after day week after week and month after month. In the local niches, businesses don’t tend to spend money on marketing and the competition is not fierce you are only up against local mom and pops (one man band) businesses. You are actually doing them a favour by creating business for them.


Listen, if you are sick of stumbling around the internet trying to crack this code, overwhelmed with information, sick of implementing and not having any structure or are looking for a clear path to move forward then our Local SEO team would love to chat with you so they can show you what you need to do to move forward.

This is something that will change the way you "CREATE" money, taking the first steps towards security for you and your family will only come from getting outside your comfort zone.

Get yourself out of the rat race of working hard for someone else everyday and making others rich through your efforts.

See if there are any strategy sessions available below so you can learn how this can change your way of creating wealth. How many more years will you be exchanging your precious time for money. Start creating it, start making money work for you.

If you want to know more about how you can take a lead generation business to the next level and create a recurring income from a small investment then apply to talk to one of our local SEO team

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